About ADLA

Advancing the Practice of Civil Defense Law


The overview goal of the Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (ADLA) is to create an environment for civil defense lawyers that facilitates working collectively and sharing resources. This association is open to those who spend the majority of their professional time handling civil defense cases.  Our members generally do not handle criminal cases.

The organization’s main goals are to enable an exchange of information and ideas among members, elevate the skills of civil defense lawyers and collaborate with similar associations in other legal areas. At all times ADLA seeks to promote a high standard of ethics and professionalism while working to improve the administration of justice.

ADLA is constantly working to make learning and growing in the legal field easier. That’s why we assist young law students by providing optimal training environments, supporting diversity scholarships, and offering lunch and learn programs at multiple law schools. Other resources for law professionals include the Alabama Defense Lawyers Association’s Journal, training at Trial Academy and Deposition Boot Camp, our Annual Meeting for networking, and more.

At its core, ADLA seeks to foster an increase in the quantity and quality of overview service contributed by legal professionals on community, state and national levels.

The Alabama Defense Lawyers Association is not a law firm and does not have any attorneys who provide any legal services to individuals, groups or corporations in legal matters. If you need assistance with a legal matter, you may wish to contact the Alabama Bar Association.

This year, in committing to ADLA, 900 members strengthened the foundation of the association and became part of the groundwork for our future members to continue advancing and innovating the practice of civil defense litigation. Join or Renew