ADLA Members & Executive Director Appointed to Key Leadership Roles in DRI


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Jennifer Hayes
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ADLA Members & Executive Director Appointed to Key Leadership Roles in DRI, the Largest International Organization of Lawyers Representing Business

AUBURN, ALABAMA (NOVEMBER 16, 2020) – The Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (ADLA) is pleased to announce that on October 23rd, during the 2020 Virtual DRI Annual Meeting, three of its members and executive director were elected or appointed to serve in top leadership roles, representing Alabama members in DRI, the largest international organization of lawyers representing business. Lana Alcorn Olson of Lightfoot Franklin & White LLC, Birmingham, Alabama rises to the office of DRI First Vice President. Allen M. Estes of Balch & Bingham LLP, Birmingham, Alabama, will serve a three year term on the DRI Board of Directors as the Southern and Southeastern Regional Director. Christina May Bolin of Christian & Small LLP, Daphne, Alabama, was appointed as DRI State Representative for Alabama. ADLA Executive Director Jennifer W. Hayes, Auburn, Alabama, appointed as Chair of the State and Local Defense Organization (“SLDO”) Executive Directors committee for the 2022 DRI Annual Meeting.

“ADLA is excited to have three of our members chosen to lead DRI and to help lead the national civil defense bar during these challenging times,” said ADLA president Andy Rutens.  “Lana, Allen and Christina are amazing and talented individuals who will make sure the legal profession continues to serve the ends of justice and that the members of DRI are apprised of every tool available to make sure our clients are protected and justice for our clients is achieved.  We are also happy, but not surprised, that DRI has recognized the talent of ADLA’s Executive Director Jennifer Hayes and asked her to lead the planning for the Executive Director’s Programming for SLDO’s at the DRI Annual Meeting to take place in Philadelphia in 2022.  Jennifer has illustrated throughout her tenure as ADLA Executive Director that she is an invaluable asset to the Alabama civil defense bar and our clients.”

LANA ALCORN OLSON became the First Vice President of DRI. Her term as DRI President begins in 2022. Olson previously served on the DRI Board of Directors from 2015 to 2018 and was the Chair of the Women in the Law Committee from 2013-2015. She has been an active DRI member since her first year of practice over twenty years ago. Olson is a partner in the Birmingham office of Lightfoot, Franklin & White. Her legal practice involves complex, high-stakes litigation in a variety of areas, including environmental and toxic torts, product liability, business disputes and catastrophic injury.

ALLEN M. ESTES was appointed Southern and Southeastern Regional Director; he will serve a three-year term from 2020-2023. Estes previously served as the Alabama DRI State Representative from 2017-2020. He has been a member of DRI for twenty years and is currently a member of the Product Liability Committee and previously served on the Fire Science Seminar Planning Committee. Estes most notably served as ADLA president from 2016-2017. He is a partner at Balch & Bingham LLP in Birmingham, Alabama, and primarily works with energy companies and other innovative businesses to identify and resolve problems.

CHRISTINA MAY BOLIN was appointed as ADLA’s DRI State Representative and will serve a three-year term from 2020-2023. Bolin most recently served as ADLA president from 2019-2020. During her tenure as ADLA president, she was instrumental in forming the association’s first Women in the Law Committee and Diversity Task Force. Bolin is a lead partner with the law firm of Christian & Small, LLP in the Mobile/Baldwin County office. She has dedicated her practice to assisting clients in the development of strategic solutions to legal disputes and litigation risks. Since 2001 she has defended property and casualty losses, catastrophic casualty claims, complex insurance coverage questions, fraud and bad faith.

JENNIFER W. HAYES was appointed to the SLDO/Executive Directors Subcommittee of the DRI Annual Meeting Steering Committee and will serve a two-year term through the 2022 Annual Meeting. As a member of this group, Hayes will contribute to the executive director programming and marketing for the DRI Annual Meeting. Hayes has been ADLA’s executive director since 2018 and has more than ten years of association management experience. Prior to joining ADLA in 2018, she worked with nonprofit organizations while serving in senior executive roles.

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