Alabama Defense Lawyers Association Hosts Top Golf Event for Members and Collects Art Supplies for Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama

Alabama Defense Lawyers Association

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA (August 6, 2018)The Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (ADLA)
will hold its annual Bibb Allen Memorial Trial Academy in Birmingham, Alabama on August 9-10 at
Cumberland School of Law.

In conjunction with Trial Academy, ADLA will host a private event at Top Golf in Birmingham on
Thursday, August 9th where association members will present representatives from Alzheimer’s of
Central Alabama with collected art supplies that will be distributed to adult daycare centers which
provide art therapy to those suffering with Alzheimer’s. Art therapy offers individuals with this
disease a calming way of self-expression, as well as a means to remain connected during times where
they feel completely lost.

“Thanks to our members’ generosity, we were able to collect art supplies for those who are suffering
with this disease,” said ADLA president Dennis Bailey. “We are proud to know that art supplies will
be placed into the hands of very special individuals who will create beautiful art work for others to

Each year over 400 patients and their families benefit from services such as scholarships to attend
adult day care centers or to receive continence products, Project Lifesaver bracelets to diminish the
risk of wandering, education through support groups, newsletter, website, community
awareness/education programs, and our telephone helpline.

About the ADLA: Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (ADLA) is a professional organization of
over 1, 000 attorneys dedicated to the defense of civil actions and the promotion of fairness and
integrity in the civil justice system. For more information about the ADLA, please contact (334) 395-
4455 or visit

About Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama: Established in 1991, Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama is a
local organization helping local families. ACA serves 21 counties across central Alabama. 100% of
the money raised stays in Alabama. Each year research grants are awarded to Alabama colleges and
universities in our effort to help discover better treatment and ultimately a cure.

This year, in committing to ADLA, 900 members strengthened the foundation of the association and became part of the groundwork for our future members to continue advancing and innovating the practice of civil defense litigation. Join or Renew